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Texture stamps for metal clay

These stamps work perfectly for metal clay. I was delighted with the results I got.I lightly sanded the business end of the stamp to get rid of the stripes. They are tiny but in metal clay everything shows up, especially since the pieces are small.

Remember to keep an eye on the size of the stamps as some of them are likely to be too large for silver, but I found the 1 inch ones perfect for pendants and bracelet links. Use a good amount of CoolSlip or olive oil to lubricate the stamps before use. A dark patina really makes the pattern stand out.

I did try the roller too, but it was really hard to get a good impression. Metal clay is expensive, so it is rolled out to a thickness of 1-1.5 mm before being textured and then shaped to a ring or pendant. This means you have to be very careful not to press your texturing tool deeper than .75 mm or your clay will fall apart. I never managed it – maybe the roller was too big for this.

Plus the best result left a very ragged edge on one side of the impression – I’ll add a photo here so you can see.

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