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Texture stamps for soap making

We can't say this from our own experience, but we do have a few satisfied soap maker customers, who gave us these tips for you:

  1. tip by Saskia from Sunshine Soaps - New Zealand: "I purchased the chakra pottery stamps to make my chakra soaps for a course I'm running. I could purchase moulds for soaps but I really wanted stamps. So I risked buying these with fingers and toes crossed. I'm so delighted that they worked perfectly. Great people, great service, I highly recommend. Next, I would like to try the earth, wind, water, and fire ones. Happy soaping everyone :-) BTW my soaps are CP and stamped the following day after unmoulding."
  2. tip by Misty from Carolina Organics Soap Co.: "These stamps work amazingly for me. The best advice is to wait till your soap has been cut into bars and then cured for just a couple days. By then the soap bar is firm enough to handle the stamping pressure but soft enough so that it only takes a little pressure to make the image. The stamps can also be dipped into shimmer for a more bold effect! The time to stamp may depend on the soap recipe but most of the time two days is the perfect amount of time to stamp. My recipe cures very hard so I could wait any longer than that. Some soaps that remain soft longer could be stamped later on in the cure process."
zodiac stamp on the soapzodiac stamp on the soapzodiac stamp on the soapchakra stamp on the soap

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