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Kvevri: Templating Inspiration

We were given the assignment to make a wine container using the traditional method with a capacity of precisely 50 l. We prepared a template, which will be then wrapped in rope. This method is known as "poterie de la corde" or "jarre à la corde".

We stacked the templates on the structure and wrapped them.

We gradually applied clay to the prepared template.

While the template kept slowly rotating, the shape started to form between the inner structure and the outside profile.

We progressed from the top and bottom to the centre.

We kept a close eye on the wall thickness of the vessel.

We kept drying the container continuously.

The outside profile helped us to clean the shape and the surface.

After the pot dried to leather-hard condition, we decorated the container with Relyef stamps and traditional wave decor using Relyef rollers and other motives.

Thanks to this method, the resulting containers were indeed exactly 50 litres.

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